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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Review of Burn (2011) by Mike

Title: Burn (2011)

Director: Jerry Pyle

Genre: Thriller/Short Film

Plot: A man exacts revenge in a terrifying way.

Mike's Review

Once again I was delighted to view an independent film on behalf of the film makers. I know my luck in viewing great short films is bound to run out and I will see something really bad. Would it be this one?

The film revolves around a man talking to another man in a small cabin. You soon realise the second man is tied up and things progress in a horrific way.

Well my fears that this would be the first bad independent film I reviewed were very quickly thrown out the door. This was incredible. It was probably one of the best looking short films I have ever seen. It looked truly professional. The clarity of the film was perfect, the tone and colouring was amazing and I had to remind myself that it was an independent short and not a part of a major film or TV Series. The characters were brilliant and the way the story was told was perfect, letting just enough information out at the right time to keep the viewer interested and wanting more. The shock of the finale was very well executed and I can honestly say that I found the finished film to be perfect. Well almost! It wasn’t long enough. At only 5 minutes I wanted more. I wanted a whole feature film and for me that is the best compliment I can pay. Outstanding job.

This film will be playing at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival May 4th – 12th. If you are lucky enough to be going, please see this. You will only be disappointed that it ends.

10 out of 10

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