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Mike Wilder brings you movie reviews. Each week a Selection of reviews for new releases and older films plus movie comparisons.

About Mike

Hi everyone,

Well a little about me.

As you should know, my name is Mike and I am 38. I have a gorgeous wife called Kelly and she has a son called Ben. We have been a family since 2005 and we finally married in 2014 we live in the UK
I left home at 16 and joined the Navy where I spent 13 1/2 years as a submariner. After leaving the Navy I became the head DJ and manager of a Lap dancing club where I met Kelly. They say don't mix business with pleasure but I am not good at doing what I'm told! After a few years we bought a Pub near London. Almost 4 years later the pub was broken into and the lovely people responsible then burnt the pub down. We ended up losing almost everything. During the break in I was severely assaulted and left with permanent nerve damage which has left me disabled with restricted mobility. We managed to get our lives back to normal, but it took a few years.

Our ultimate dream is to emigrate to Florida (all help appreciated!).

I am a massive film fan. I love most kinds of films but I am a sucker for a great action film. I have a lot of time on my hands due to not being able to work as a result of injuries suffered in the break in at the pub. So I decided to use my time a little more constructively and created this Blog. I will be reviewing films based on their own individuality. I won’t be judging a Hollywood block buster the same as a straight to video B movie, neither will I judge a horror against an animated family film. I try to see the good in all films, even Grease 2 where respect has to be shown to the cast and crew for continuing to show up!

Please enjoy my Blog and comments and requests are most welcome.