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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Review of Robocop (1987) by Mike

Title: Robocop (1987)

Original UK Release Date: 5th February 1988

Original US Release Date: 17th July 1987

UK Rating: 18

US Rating: R

Director: Paul Verhoeven

Genre: Action/Sci-Fi

Plot: A wounded cop in futuristic Detroit, it bought back as a cyborg to rid the streets of crime.

Mike's Review
This was a ground breaking film in the 80’s however, due to the severe lack of imagination in Hollywood, it is being remade. So I thought it was time to revisit and review it.
Robocop is set in the future, where crime has taken over the streets of Detroit and the police force has been privatised and now run by Omni Consumer Products (OCP). OCP are trying to revitalise the city but first they need to sort out the crime. After an officer is mortally wounded in the line of duty, OCP turn him into a cyborg called Robocop. Robocop soon discovers that the criminals are more than the thugs on the streets.
Robocop stars Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Dan O'Herlihy, Ronny Cox, Kurtwood Smith, Miguel Ferrer, Paul McCrane, Ray Wise, Robert DoQui & Jesse D. Goins. A truly great ensemble cast, each playing the role to the fullest. However Kurtwood Smith is heads above the rest of the cast. He plays Clarence J. Boddicker, the main villain in a great and very over the top way. He stands out as one of cinemas great bad guys. The cast goes a long way to ensure the film works so well, especially the movements of Robocop played perfectly by Peter Weller.
This was a state of the art film upon its release, using stop motion effects and matte paintings as CGI was still in its infancy. Many of the effects do look a little dated now, but it still works with the gritty storyline and dark way it was shot. Big guns, big explosions, excess blood and someone being dissolved in radioactive waste, a great combination!
Directed by Paul Verhoeven, it is a masterpiece of cinema. The story, now 25 years old is still relevant today. Big corporations getting greedy, not enough money for public services and high rates of crime. Paul Verhoeven has always had an interesting vision of the future as seen in Starship Troopers & Total Recall (interestingly, both are also being remade). However he doesn’t seem to have much hope for the future as all the films show life to be even harder than it is now. He is a great movie maker and I have enjoyed many of his films.
The film is so much fun to watch. It is pure entertainment all the way.

9 out of 10

Additional Information

Stand out performance: Kurtwood Smith as Clarence J. Boddicker


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