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Friday, 4 May 2012

Review of Brake (2012) by Mike

Title: Brake (2012)
Original UK Release Date:
Original US Release Date: 23rd March 2012
UK Rating:
US Rating:
Director: Gabe Torres
Genre: Thriller
Plot: A secret service agent awakes to find himself sealed in a clear box in the trunk of a car. He soon discovers he is part of a plan to kill the president.
Mike's Review
            I saw the trailer for this and my first thought was it was a rip off of the film Buried (2010). As I enjoyed Buried I decided to see this. Could this be as good?
            The film is about Jeremy Reins (Stephen Dorff), a special agent for the secret service. He awakes to find himself trapped in a clear box in the trunk of a car. Soon it becomes clear that he has been kidnapped and the kidnappers want information from him. As things escalate he discovers that other people have been taken and also their families are held hostage as well.
            Films like this rely on the strength of the main actor as they are in every scene in the film and for 99% of the film are the only person you see. So you need an actor that can pull this off. Ryan Reynolds pulled it off in Buried (2010) and fortunately Stephen Dorff managed it here. He is a great actor. In this he has to carry the entire film on his own and he manages it effortlessly. The pain he feels due to the decisions he has to make that affect the lives of everyone in his life are clearly shown in his emotions. The film keeps you guessing right up till the end, and just when you think you have it all figured out, the twists appear and leave you guessing all over again.
            This is a good film, with a great performance from the leading actor. The twists are hard if not impossible to see coming. But for me there was just one twist too many. The film took me on journey that was exciting and fun, but when the journey ended I felt it went a little too far and pushed the realms of believability a little too much.
            This is a good film and worth watching.
8 out of 10
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