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Mike Wilder brings you movie reviews. Each week a Selection of reviews for new releases and older films plus movie comparisons.


Welcome to Wilder Movie Reviews.

This Blog is run by Mike Wilder. A film fan who decided to produce this blog to give a review on films from a movie fans point of view. Everyone’s views are different and we aim to provide reviews that are both fair and informative. Hopefully this will enable you to have a better and clearer understanding of the film being reviewed. There will be a link to each film reviewed that will take you to that films page on imdb.com.
My reviews rate the films out of 10
1: Awful, avoid at all costs.
2: Terrible.
3: Bad.
4: Poor.
5: Meh.
6: Fair.
7: Good.
8: Great.
9: Superb
10: Awesome, unmissable.

I also rate the 3D quality for home and at the theatre. I'm looking at if it enhances the movie experience with not just depth, but with good use of things coming out the screen.These are rated out of 5
1: Watch in 2D only
2: 3D Not needed
3:.3D If possible but not essential
4: 3D Preferred (mainly depth enhancements)
5: 3D only (depth and out of screen enhancements outstanding)
Home 3D is reviewed on a 51" Samsung smart TV (Not 4k), played through either an Xbox One or an LG multi region Blu-Ray player.

We are always looking for guest reviewers. If you are interested please email wildermoviereviews@hotmail.co.uk with the title of the film you would like to review.
All comments and feedback welcomed.

Please follow us on twitter @wildermovreview

Comments are always welcome and also any requests for future reviews will be considered.

Thank you for visiting.

Happy Viewing.

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