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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Review for The Puzzle (2008) & The Sweet Hand of the White Rose (2010) by Mike

Title: The Puzzle (2008) & The Sweet Hand of the White Rose (2010)

Director: Davide Melini

Genre: Short Film

Plot: The Sweet Hand of the White Rose (2010): In order to forget about a heated discussion with his girlfriend, Mark decides to get in the car and go far away. But a little mistake will change his reality forever...

       The Puzzle (2008): After an argument with her son, a woman decides to relax and forget her troubles with her favourite pastime: making puzzles.

Mike's Review

            Once again a film director has requested that I review some of his short films. Naturally I agreed.

            Not knowing what to expect from these films I sat down to watch two films from Italian filmmaker David Melini. The first of the films was a very short one titled The Puzzle this was shot in 2008 in one day with a budget of just 300 Euros. It is a very well made short film about a woman who has a vision whilst doing a jigsaw puzzle. It’s a shame that the film is so short as it kinds of ends just as it gets going. But this is the sign of a good film maker when their creations leave you wanting more. The talent of David Melini is evident in the few minutes of the film. You can see he has a talent with suspense films and I really hope there will be a full length production from him.

            Then it was time to check out The Sweet Hand of the White Rose. This film is completely different to The Puzzle. A man getting away from his girlfriend and a young girl returning home find their lives entwined in an unexpected way.  For the first ¾ of the film I had no idea what was happening. Usually this is a bad thing for a film but with this one when it all falls together it wrenched at my heart then I found myself gasping in horror at what was happening. The twist and the ending is very powerful and I can only assume that the director/writer has some experience with the subject of the film and my heart goes out to him. This is a film with a message and it is a powerful one, very well executed and delivered with passion. The director manages to bring us into the story with a sudden jolt and leaves you with a lot to think about.

            This is a talented film maker and I will look out for more from him.
7 out of 10

Additional Information

View the films here.
The Puzzle http://vimeo.com/15390584
The Sweet Hand of the White Rose http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPWcqEmSkq8

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